Red Dead Redemption 100 percent

Man,  that took a while.  Yes I got 100 percent on Red Dead Redemption.  Now I’m done and moving on to Portal 2.

RDR is a great game,  but it sure is a bit too violent for my taste.  I feel like the sandbox aspect is lost when you have this goal of getting 100 percent.  You basically have a list of things to do and they interact with each other a little bit,  but basically you do them and then you’re done.

So basically,  I’ve been playing this game and learning Blender and Unity the last two months.  It’s amazing how time can just disappear if you let it happen.  No regrets,  but it’s time to get back to creating something.

About Franz Lanzinger

Franz Lanzinger is a classic video game developer with video game credits for Atari's coin-op Crystal Castles, Tengen Ms. Pacman, SNES Rampart, and the Gubble series. He has a degree in mathematics, wrote "Classic Game Design", a book about how to make classic video games, and is a professional pianist, accompanist and piano teacher.
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