Tool update: Blender 2.5x

Today’s topic is Blender,  specifically moving from Blender 2.49,  which is what I have been using for about a year,  to the latest and greatest,  Blender 2.56 Beta.  All I can say is,  Wow.  Even though it’s a beta,  2.5 Blender series is a big step in the right direction,  very stable, and well worth the trouble,  at least for me.

The first hurdle was that exporting to Unity 3 doesn’t quite work right with Blender 2.56 Beta.  Unity has trouble with the automatic .blend importing,  so I have to manually export .fbx files instead.  Not a big deal,  but I hope it gets fixed with updates to either Blender or Unity.  I also needed to learn the hard way that you have to select your object before exporting it,  or it doesn’t export.  Makes sense once you know it.

I’d like to give a big shout out to Super3boy AKA Super3 and his very helpful tutorials on Youtube and his website  It’s very helpful to see his tutorials when learning Blender,  and,  in my case,  when upgrading to the 2.5 series.

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Franz Lanzinger is a classic video game developer with video game credits for Atari's coin-op Crystal Castles, Tengen Ms. Pacman, SNES Rampart, and the Gubble series. He has a degree in mathematics, wrote "Classic Game Design", a book about how to make classic video games, and is a professional pianist, accompanist and piano teacher.
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