Gubble 3D printing

I just got a chance to review a new book about 3D printing using Blender by Joe Larson: 3D Printing Blueprints . This got me to thinking…

It sure would be fun to make some 3D prints of Gubble characters. Gubble D Gleep himself is a real challenge with his complicated 3D geometry, but the gears or the robots would make a great experiment. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. The next step will be to make 3D-printable versions of the meshes in Blender and printing them.

About Franz Lanzinger

Franz Lanzinger is a classic video game developer with video game credits for Atari's coin-op Crystal Castles, Tengen Ms. Pacman, SNES Rampart, and the Gubble series. He has a degree in mathematics, wrote "Classic Game Design", a book about how to make classic video games, and is a professional pianist, accompanist and piano teacher.
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